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Liquid Limestone Cleaning

Liquid Limestone is both beautiful and organic looking, but over time it may show signs of wear and tear and possibly even unsightly stains. A1 High Pressure Cleaning will restore it to its pristine state – your friends will think it’s new!

The vulnerable, organic composition of the finish means that when cleaning it becomes necessary, getting a professional job done is the most effective solution to extend its lifespan and keep it looking great.

We remove any organic material, like plants, which would harm your limestone and then we test it for damp. We then clean it with high-pressure hoses, with a pressure level, nozzles and methods carefully designed for Liquid Limestone’s cleaning specific qualities. We also use filtered water, removing any potentially harmful minerals, which could affect the cleaning process.

Organic, biodegradable, safe and non-abrasive products are used in this process and care is taken not to over saturate it, a common issue where inexperienced people attempt to clean this substance. Our technicians clean small areas at a time, loosening and removing dirt and mineral deposits. We also take great care in removing microorganisms from almost invisible cracks, which could potentially undermine the stone from beneath.

Our own absorbent sealing process is of a high standard and protects the newly cleaned and restored Liquid Limestone cleaning, without leaving a visible trace. The surface will subsequently resist all oil and water based stains, giving you peace of mind.

We recommend that you clean any future spills, by soaking them up with paper towels, the flushing the area with a small amount of water and a very mild detergent, followed by wiping the surface dry with a clean and soft cloth.

Once A1 High Pressure Cleaning has cleaned and restored your limestone to its new and natural looking state with our tried and tested methods and the top quality seal has been applied, it will be almost maintenance free, only requiring an occasional professional high pressure .